The European Union of the Deaf Youth is a European non-profit making organisation whose membership comprises Youth National Associations of Deaf and Youth Sections of National Associations of Deaf people in Europe. Established in 1987, EUDY is the only organisation representing the interests of Deaf Young Europeans in Europe. Currently, EUDY has 26 Full members, from Iceland to Turkey and from Spain to Finland. We are aiming to get stronger and bigger by having all member states of the Council of Europe included in EUDY and together our voice will be stronger across Europe and beyond. 


DGJ is a youth association of Germany (YNAD) and has many small youth associations in the whole of Germany. They support of the social, cultural and political participating of the children and young people in the form of different contributions to the self-realisation and development of the personality of young deaf people. Representation of interests of deaf young people during the public and private places at the national level. Cooperation with the other national and international associations who have also put the support and support of deaf and partially deaf youngsters to the aim to themselves. The aim of the YNAD is equal rights with all youngsters: Cohumanity with dignity, assistance to the community and culture of the deaf and a backup of the communication free of barrier in German sign language (DGS). 


Nordlicht is the second oldest youth association in Germany and has cofounded the DGJ with two other associations in 2004. They have the aim, that to guarantee the children and youngsters in region Hamburg and surroundings an extracurricular education in different forms. They concern the youngsters of from 6 to 27 years and have a good network with different associations in Hamburg. They have aimed that the educational deficits of the youngsters are covered very completely and the inclusion of all youngsters nearly realise. Cultural and pedagogic interest of the youngsters speak also directly to the youngsters at school time and after it, too. 

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